Cloud application for vehicle registration services

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Cloud application for vehicle registration services

Modern Internet portals for B2B and B2C are characterized by high functionalities and interfaces to a multitude of partners. There is great potential in them: SWMS develops customized cloud applications to increase the added value of companies. New business and service models can thus be implemented.


Tönjes Holding AG as part of a long company history has been involved in License plate production since 1960. Today, the portfolio comprises of services from the construction of machines to the production of metal and plastic license plates to the complete service for license plates and registration of motor vehicles. More than 1,600 people are employed worldwide. Tönjes Holding's customers also include more than 15,000 car dealerships. When it comes to vehicle registration, one is normally not spared the journey to the registration office. Car dealerships also have to research which local registration office can carry out the registration.

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This is where the Tönjes portal comes in. The Internet platform makes it very easy to order vehicle registration:

  1. Specification of the vehicle type,
  2. Selection of the license plate format,
  3. Assignment of the registration district by entering the postcode,
  4. Selection of a desired license plate and
  5. Check of the required documents.

After sending the order, Tönjes collects the documents from the customer, takes care of the registration at the office, prints the license plates and delivers everything. SWMS chose Magento as the basis for a serious and modern appearance. It used dashboard technology in the backend and developed interfaces to Telecash, UPS, DHL and Federal Printing Office.


One of the fundamental guiding principles of Tönjes Holding AG is to be a safe and reliable partner for car dealerships - and to provide them with a complete range of services at a high level of quality. Customer loyalty is therefore of utmost importance. In this context, the Tönjes portal plays an important role. With its nationwide vehicle registration service, Tönjes offers a range of services that is unique to date. The economic view is also positive. Since the launch of the portal, Tönjes has been able to acquire a whole series of national car dealerships as new customers.

"In addition, we found a good partner in SWMS for our specifications-based selection procedure," says Lars Hoting of Tönjes Holding AG. "With the fast and flexible reactions to our requirements as well as their good service, we feel well looked after.

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