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As a service provider, we support you in developing and operating multi-tenant IoT platforms, so you can continue to focus on your core competency - developing machines and devices - without missing out on digitization. A multi-tenant solution gives you secure control over your data while creating added value
for business partners and customers. With our expertise in using Microsoft's cloud platform Azure, we can develop a scalable and secure back-end for you. This avoids high investment costs for the IT infrastructure, so that your investment pays off faster.

Technology Consulting

Together with you we determine the application cases of your individual solution and develop the appropriate software concept.

Proof of Concept

We test the feasibility and performance of your future solution through the interaction of the technologies.

Device Connectivity

We support you in developing the
connection of devices to your
IoT platform.

Development of Edge Systems

For faster reaction times and a reduction in the load on your back-end solution, you carry out analyzes close to the location of your machines.

Real-Time Analysis & Alarming

For faster detection of anomalies and errors, the data is analyzed prior to persist storage in a database.

Cloud Solution

By using cloud solutions you keep your budget small and stay flexible
in your company.

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Expertise about IoT

The Internet of Things section deals with the communication of IoT devices via the Internet. This also includes networking, monitoring and controlling systems, which we are dealing with at SWMS.

Definition: Internet of Things

The Internet of Things generally includes the networking of devices of all kinds via the Internet. Until just a few years ago, the Internet consisted mainly of servers providing content through services and personal computers ...

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providing access to that content. With the introduction of UMTS, smartphones and tablets, the first handy devices became part of the Internet. As a participant of the Internet, smartphones and tablets hardly differ from conventional PCs. They are equipped with a microprocessor, an operating system (usually IOS or Android) and serve the user to consume content.

With the Internet of Things, new devices are coming to the Internet, offering users a wide range of services. These devices are not necessarily full-fledged microprocessor PCs, but also devices based on microcontrollers. These devices offer services similar to a server. This allows a washing machine to provide information about the rest of its washing time, a lamp can be turned off or on while on the road, and surveillance cameras tell us about anomalies at home.

Automation Services

With automation services such as Microsoft Flow, it is possible to create and manage automated workflows between apps and services. In this way, tasks such as sending notifications, synchronizing files, collecting data, etc. ...

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can be performed. Developer knowledge is not required to use this service. The workflows are chained together and configured as modules of the respective service. The use of variables, loops and if-then junctions is also possible. An example of a workflow with the automation service IFTTT can be found here.


The basis of the cloud consists of networked data centers that provide their infrastructure such as computing power, storage space and software application via the Internet. The best-known providers are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and ...

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Google. In the course of the Internet of Things, the demand for storage capacities and intelligent tools for analysis and evaluation is rising.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing flood of data. Machine learning can automate processes such as image recognition or chat bots. Cloud providers now offer development tools for machine learning.

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Microsoft Azure IoT

Under the term Microsoft Azure IoT all services and platforms are united to this topic. 
These are, among others: ...

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  • IoT-Hub | Connect, monitor and manage IoT resources 
  • IoT-Central | Pre-configured and customizable SaaS IoT solutions 
  • IoT-Solution Acceslerators | Create customizable IoT solutions using templates 
  • Azure Digital Twins | Modern IoT solutions for intelligent environments
  • Microsoft Azure IoT-Hub

    Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub is an open and flexible cloud service for securely managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, providing a scalable transport layer for connecting, monitoring and managing ...

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    Internet of Things devices that supports a variety of open source SDKs and multiple protocols. There are countless examples and solutions to send data to the IoT hub.


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