As experts in customized software and technologies, we optimize your value-adding core processes. We successfully introduce PLM systems, digitization and industry 4.0 projects and integrate them seamlessly into your IT.


The use of modern and innovative software solutions and technologies will increase your potential and will bring about tangible results. We support our customers by understanding the challenges to operational processes in service and industry by developing customized solutions. Bringing to bear our integrity and loyalty to our customers and the highest quality in all aspects of a project, we focus our efforts in four areas: PLM, Digitalization, Technology Consulting and Engineering.

Product LifeCycle Management

Specialized CAD/CAM processes, module from SWMS in leading Systems worldwide, complex Solutions from CAD applications, Robotics and Automation Technology.

Internet of Things

Digitization of business processes, Evaluation and decision support, customized solution with Cloud, RFID, Internet of Things and mobile Technologies.

Technology Consulting

Introductory and Change Projects for Shopfloor-IT: Manufacturer-independent requirements, Project conception up to realization.

Composites Manufacturing

Special solution for simulating Fiber Placement and tape laying processes. Direct Derivation of manufacturing Information from the CAD model.

Software Development

Support from strategy to implementation
  • Implementing latest Methods
  • Agile Project Management
  • High cost control

Project and consulting approach

We focus on the needs of our customers, which are different and unique to each project. You can count on concrete and tangible results: Code lines and modules for the software you use, many tried-and-tested standard solutions, complex and individual solutions from one source, comprehensible system specifications, support for innovation and research projects or persuasive IT management presentations.

In order to achieve this, our credo is as follows: In partnership with our customers’ employees, we jointly secure the project and company success. In spite of all the flexibility that you can rely on in the case of short and difficult projects in particular, we provide you with the security needed to manage your project and development costs. How? With your personal contact at SWMS, the project team is integrated into your project management, or you can trust our practice-tested processes and structures. Our team is interdisciplinary, our employees are up to date in the latest state of the art, and our project managers have many years of experience in processing consulting and development projects.

Case Studies

About us

SWMS Systemtechnik Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is a consulting and technology company in the field of software conception and development, and virtual product development. Since 1996, SWMS has been helping companies to design complex business and engineering processes more professionally, more efficiently and in a manner that conserves more resources.

SWMS provides solutions that optimize business processes. Customers benefit from SWMS’ specific strengths in particular: profound engineering know-how combined with expert knowledge and experience in the optimization of business processes.

Highly motivated engineers from various disciplines use their experience, application expertise and their interdisciplinary methodological knowledge on a daily basis in order to realize creative solutions that provide the customer with a decisive competitive edge. The automation of recurring workflows and specially tailored solutions ensures significant progress in productivity and profitability. The objective of SWMS is to create flexible projects which, in addition to stability and correctness, are also of high quality, and which thus meet the customers’ needs.

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