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We develop individual software solutions for Windows, mobile and web platforms for our customers. As a Microsoft partner, we rely on the latest .Net technologies. Our engineers have extensive know-how from numerous development projects in operative business processes of different industries, with which we competently advise you and support you
as a source of ideas. Due to the proximity to your specialist department, we develop customized software solutions in an agile procedure model that optimally map your processes. In addition to implementing complete solutions or developing your product ideas as white label solutions, we also support your existing development team.

Desktop Applications

When standard software reaches its limits, we develop individual desktop applications exactly according to your requirements.

Migration of Legacy Systems

We convert isolated solutions and functions from legacy systems into a modern software solution and adapt them to your current processes.

System and Hardware Connection

We support you in the development for the connection of devices or existing systems to the individual software solution.

Programming in C#, VB.Net & Java

As a Microsoft partner, our focus is on development with current .Net technologies and programming in C# and VB.Net.
From analysis, design and implementation to quality assurance and subsequent support, SWMS offers you the entire know-how of modern application development. 

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Expertise about Software Development

The Software Development division deals with the development and programming of a software system that can be used for machines and in companies.

Definition: Software Development

Software development usually focuses on the organization of data. Whether data is to be restructured or made available via interfaces for different areas of the company.

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Big Data was one of the big buzzwords of the past years. In companies, there are ever larger amounts of data that can no longer be managed manually. It is precisely at this point that individual software comes into play, with which the data can be organized and used in a structured way for the company.

Software development extends from planning and design to the implementation of a solution and subsequent software maintenance.

Agile Software Development

Good project management plays an important role in achieving the project goals. In software development, agile management methods are used the most. The special advantage of agile methods ...

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is the fast provision of partial results, which enables the customer to make course corrections. The agile methods SCRUM and KANBAN are the most widely used methods.

  • SCRUM is suitable for teams of at least 3 developers. In a fixed period of time, a feature list defined by the team is implemented in a so-called sprint. The result can be provided to the user as functional software at the end of a sprint.
  • KANBAN is not a time-based method. The origin of Kanban lies in Kaizen, the lean management of the Toyota production system. The aim of the KANBAN method is to ensure trouble-free work. Resource bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated at an early stage, always according to the motto "A chain is as strong as its weakest link". In this way, there should always be enough tasks available, but the threat of simultaneous processing (multitasking) should be avoided.
If you are looking for a suitable software partner, you should pay attention to agile and modern development techniques. The quality of this kind of cooperation is reflected in the communication as well as in the resulting software.

Requirements Specification for Software

There are different names for a requirement specification depending on the industry. The most common are requirements catalog, user specification or requirement specification.

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As a rule, the desired software functions are structured and documented in the specification within the context of a requirements analysis.

The specification is then used to check the feasibility and to estimate the budget and time frame. This can be done either in your own company or within the framework of a tender from a service provider.

Automatic Software Tests

In software development, testing applications and fixing errors takes up a large part of the working time. If the architecture is well structured during software development, ...

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the software can even be tested automatically.

The great advantage of a data-driven test is the fast detection of errors that occur when, for example, new changes are made.

This means that more software tests can be performed in the same time, as if the test was performed manually. For this procedure, own providers and programs are available, as well as software frameworks, through which individual functions are already prepared for an automated test.

Code Reviews

In addition to automated testing, code reviews are also used in software development. The created documents, tutorials, instructions and co. help to understand the source code and the function faster.

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When creating a code review, a tester walks through a program section and reminds the programmer about questions of understanding or possibilities for improvement.

The finished document is needed for further development, for corrections and for thinking about it at a later point in time.

Code reviews can be recorded in various materials, such as:

  • Technical Documents
  • Readmes
  • Tutorials and Installation Instructions
  • Scripts and Programs
  • More information

Individual Software vs. Standard Software

If you as a company are concerned with the introduction of a software solution, the following question certainly looks familiar to you:

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Can we use standard software or do we need an individual software solution?

The answer can be found with the help of the requirement specification. You have defined exactly for which processes and which use case you need software support in your company. With a standard market research, some software products can be found that take up parts of your process and are suitable for use.

When standard software, however, reaches its limits and individual steps can only be solved with workarounds, the use of individual software development is required.

To make your decision easier, we have listed the most important arguments for an individual software: the most important arguments for an individual software:

Advantages for individual software

Requirements implemented individually
Competitive advantage through unique selling proposition
Scope of the software can grow with requirements
More efficient processes without workarounds
Time saving through automation
Reduce licensing costs by investing in your own software
Source code as property
Direct contact person for maintenance and support
Independent of software providers
Integration into existing processes and organizations
Easier and less expensive training courses


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