Development of a Cloudbased Service Software at Marquardt

Customer testimony

"The agile working method of SWMS makes the company very attractive for us. This meant, for example, that there was no need for a large release process with a time-consuming quality check. Dividing the project into work packages also enables us to improve cost management."
- L. Reidinger, Manager TDCE-RI – Systems Engineering E-Mobility
Digital Remote Diagnostics
Automatic Firmware Updates
International Usability


Marquardt is a mechatronics expert who works with intelligent, electronic and electromechanical systems and components. The products - including electromechanical and electronic switches and switching systems for the automotive industry and manufacturers of household appliances - are distributed worldwide. The company has 14 locations in ten countries with over 8,000 employees.


In addition to the products mentioned above, Marquardt also manufactures E-Mobility components such as motors, displays and controls for pedelecs, e-bikes and e-scooters. Thanks to the new product range, the company is now also in direct contact with end customers - previously no Marquardt focus and therefore cannot be represented with existing software. In order to be able to offer the best possible service, for example for fault diagnosis or spare parts delivery, new software was required. It was also necessary to combine this with a high-security cloud.


The concept for the service software was elaborated in Workshops using Use Cases. Workshops are also used in labor-intensive and complex development phases. A regular direct exchange serves to analyse the status quo of individual, previously defined work packages and to discuss any necessary changes as well as the further procedure. Throughout the course of the project, ideas are collected digitally in OneNote.


The Pedelec Service Software can be used to map and manage the pedelecs with their respective components and firmware versions as well as their current status. The life cycle of each individual component can be tracked from installation to disposal. An interface enables parameters to be read out, changed and log errors. All data can be viewed via a Cloud from Marquardt, but also by all participating user groups, such as original equipment manufacturers and retailers.


The software makes it possible to check the status of a pedelec from a central location. The complete model can be called up via the cloud and analysed for possible defects and their causes. Marquardt can "look digitally over the dealer's shoulder" and help solve a problem. This remote diagnostics avoids logistical effort. This is because a pedelec does not have to be sent from the retailer to the manufacturer, repaired there and returned to the retailer again. In addition, the service software can automatically identify and update an outdated firmware version. A further advantage: the international application possibility without a high need for explanation. Ideal for a company like Marquardt that operates worldwide.

Customer testimony

"SWMS provides a top Service, a high Quality, delivers to the point and without long waiting. Overall, we consider the cooperation to be very transparent, flexible and efficient".
- L. Reidinger, Manager TDCE-RI – Systems Engineering E-Mobility

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