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Easy and Flexible: Knowledge Based Engineering in Product Development

On the way to development 4.0 Enter the race with Knowledge Based Engineering You might think the industry is in an eternal race. In a race in which the time to market of a product embodies the lap time and product quality is the decisive factor in staying in the race - in competition. The company that develops, produces and launches the best product the fastest is ahead. As in motor sports, there are also innovation thrusts around product development. Digitalization is one of the most important developments and is in full swing. In this context, Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) [...]

More Space for Ideas - Automated Design

The Sword of Damocles of Digitalization " Digitalization " and - in the technical field - " Industry 4.0 " are omnipresent and much discussed. To some, they may already seem trite, but there are also many debated concerns about the future world of work and the preservation of one's own job. In almost all areas, a wide variety of processes can be automated today and the technical possibilities are constantly growing. The job description of an engineer is also affected by this, so that current developments can cause not only enthusiasm, but also worries and fears about the future. [...]

The CAD-CAM Process Chain - Reduce Media Breaks, Lean to Result (Part 2)

This text follows on from the previous article " The CAD-CAM Process Chain: The Status Quo ". An important prerequisite for the optimization of the CAD-CAM process chain is the avoidance of media breaks and the associated loss of information. Media breaks occur when different, unconnected, often even incompatible systems are used for different tasks in the product development process. This does not mean that only systems "from one casting" are suitable for modern production. Coordinated systems and, above all, the underlying processes also offer many possibilities. First we consider the problem of information loss and its origin. [...]

The CAD-CAM Process Chain: The Status Quo (Part 1)

How do we define the CAD-CAM process chain? The " CAD-CAM process chain " is a frequently mentioned and recurring buzzword in the field of production-related design. But what is this anyway? And who benefits from that? We want to address these questions together and try to find some answers. Digitization as a puzzle piece to the finished product Let's first look at the use of computers in design and manufacturing. The use of CAD software (Computer Aided Design) has been widespread in the field of design for many years. For this purpose, the software market offers a wide [...]

Getting Started! - How can digitalization projects be successful?

Digitalization. A mega trend, hype and revolution all in one, but at least one topic that affects all parts of a company, from the management down to the employees. The need for companies to deal with this topic is being increasingly emphasized by scientists, experts and politicians, and with full justification. The (digitalization-) mechanisms and technologies are so diverse and powerful that every company can make use of them and grow with the design of digital products, processes and business models. In our last blog article we already analyzed the most important reasons why digitalization projects fail . The main [...]

Why do digitalization projects fail?

A topic that is rarely discussed because it is difficult to present is the failure of digitalization projects . On the one hand this is understandable, since nobody likes to publicly emphasize the failure of a project that is driven forward with a lot of energy and possibly also a lot of money. On the other hand, the professional exchange loses a lot of experience. Similarly, the danger of a repetition cannot be countered by other participants for similar reasons. Therefore, some of the practical experiences gained in everyday consulting will be presented here and some of the reasons for [...]

Teamcenter RAC Customization

In addition to the possibility of using software such as the Teamcenter PDM system as supplied by the manufacturer, many customers take the opportunity to implement their own ideas of processes and views. The following example shows how the user interface of the Siemens Teamcenter PDM system can be customized and how the company's own program logic can be integrated. What is Teamcenter RAC? The Rich Application Client (RAC) is Teamcenter's most widely used user interface. With the help of the RAC, the user can access all Teamcenter functionalities that are important. A Rich Application Client generally, a graphical user [...]

Application extensions with Siemens NXOpen

Siemens NX - small helpers, big Impact - The use of existing standard systems in the company creates, besides the undisputed advantages of the use of widespread software, a limitation of the own processes to possibilities provided by the software. This does not only apply to office applications, browsers or ERP systems, but also to CAx and PLM software. The aforementioned restrictions can cause unwanted additional work here, for example through many clicks and extensive methods, or simply prevent desired processes. The major manufacturers of widely used applications are well aware of this fact and therefore frequently offer programming interfaces [...]

Innovative 5-Axis deburring

The solution for automated deburring with Siemens NX: The Automated Deburring Module from SWMS in use.  Our video shows the application of the deburring strategy on a machine tool Spinner U-1520 with Heidenhain ITNC 530.  In addition to the full support of 5-axis simultaneous movements, the particularly uniform shape of the deburring bevel is clearly visible.  Innovative 5-Axis Deburring - Check out our Automated Deburring Module.

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