Potentials and risks of the cloud

Potentials and risks of the cloud

How SMEs benefit from modern IT

Technically speaking, the cloud has long been established in modern corporate IT, but especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still see some uncertainties regarding the potential, and above all, the potential risks of a cloud strategy. Therefore, they often shy away from opening up the obvious potential.

Compared with the in-house operation of IT systems, the use of IT resources from the cloud promises to save up to 50% of the infrastructure costs in the area considered. But the direct cost aspect is not the only argument for a cloud strategy. Simplified access to tailor-made IT resources has great potential for increasing the efficiency of processes through further digitization to completely new possibilities and models in order to offer products and services in line with the market and to bind customers individually to their own company.

In our whitepaper, we explain the cloud concept briefly and clearly and address the most frequent reservations of a cloud strategy.

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