From MS Access to Web App

From MS Access to Web App

Strategies for modernizing enterprise tools

Where spreadsheets are no longer sufficient, many companies have developed small software tools that are still used today to manage all possible data from different processes. With a tool like MS Access, it was not only possible for developers, but also for ambitious users to create data-based applications. Not infrequently, small data-based software tools were commissioned for specific questions. The general areas in which such tools are used range from simple address databases to documentation systems for specific processes to complete enterprise applications.

Not infrequently, long-term software tools are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Developers and key users are no longer available, new program versions or operating systems are no longer supported, or user requirements are changing. With web-based applications, the growing demands on data-based software tools can be met.

In our white paper, learn how you can retain the benefits of custom software tools and address the increased needs with web-based applications.

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