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IoT vs. IIoT - Differences between Consumer Products and Industrial Systems

The term Internet of Things describes the connection of systems, devices and everyday things to the Internet. The term basically does not distinguish the exact way of connection or the resulting design of the application. Industrial Internet of Things (short: IIoT) is a collective term that describes the connection of industrial machines and production plants. The term IoT, on the other hand, is often used to refer to ubiquitous, consumer-oriented IoT products. IoT and IIoT - A technical difference? If you look at the application examples for the Internet of Things already known today, you can distinguish between two large [...]

How can my company get practical benefit from IoT platforms?

IIoT platforms are the central component in the Industrial Internet of Things The so-called IoT or IIoT platforms play a central role in the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT for short. These support all tasks from the acquisition of plant data, storage, visualization, processing and analysis, to the implementation of actions based on the knowledge gained. The respective platform providers provide software components which can be supplemented by individual applications. Individual developments versus platform use The development of our own systems, which would have to map the complete process flow from data acquisition by sensors, data storage, visualization, data [...]

Order Coffee with BMW ConnectedDrive and IFTTT

Which task is to be completed in this example? Who isn't familiar with this? You arrive at your office in the morning and your colleagues are already sitting with a cup of coffee in front of their screens. So you have to go again and get the coffee from the kitchen yourself. As a rule, you are then allowed to bring your dear colleague the second cup of coffee with you. If you have an e-mail account and you happen to be a driver of a BMW with ConnectedDrive, we will change that now, because BMW Labs provides an appropriate [...]

How do you teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work with Azure Machine Learning?

Machine learning is currently on everyone's lips across all industries. The detection of errors in production and manufacturing processes as well as the predictive planning of maintenance measures are only some of the drivers that drive the application of analytical methods or the use of artificial intelligence "AI". The application of data science methods, such as machine learning, says a lot about the past behavior of machines, processes and people. It also enables predictions to be made about predictive analytics methods. How does this complicated-sounding machine learning work at all and how can one test the applicability to one's own [...]

Azure IoT-Hub and Microsoft Flow

What is Azure IoT-Hub? Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub is a cloud service for the secure management of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Sending messages or telemetry data to the Azure IoT-Hub is achieved through the use of appropriate software. However, this can also be done with the help of Microsoft Flow. Microsoft's Azure IoT-Hub is the scalable transport layer for connecting, monitoring and managing Internet of Things devices. There are countless examples and solutions to send (test) data to the IoT-Hub. Nearly all of these approaches have the disadvantage that you have to deal with, corresponding to single-board computers and/or [...]

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