Attribute Definition Tool

Technological and geometrical rivet definition

Efficient preparation of data

The multitude of rivet information makes the preparation of data for the production process very complex and time-consuming. Nevertheless, it represents a fundamental step in the design process chain. 

The "Attribute Definition Tool" for Catia V5 simplifies this preparation process considerably by combining geometric and technological rivet definitions. 

The solution loads the basic data of the geometric model into the user interface and supports the processing of rivet groups as well as the individual adaptation of the individual rivet. 

Following the definition process, ADT automatically implements the rivet definitions into the model in a single step and makes them available for the subsequent production processes of the Fastener lifecycle.


  • Geometric and technological rivet definition reduces the effort in subsequent production processes 
  • Automatic calculation of drilling axis and stack determination for rivet positions material entry 
  • Changing and evaluating rivet parameters 
  • Automated drilling and riveting definition prevents interpretation problems 
  • Simple and intuitive operation


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Early detection and avoidance of errors

If errors resulting from the rivet definition are only detected in the subsequent processes, this regularly leads to sharply rising costs. Therefore an efficient error management in the creation of the rivet parameters is indispensable. The "Attribute Definition Tool" effectively supports the user by directly pointing out the source of the error as soon as it detects a logical error in the rivet definition.

Edit basic data quickly and easily

ADT reads the information stored in the model for the production process and makes it available for further processing. During this process, the software automatically performs both the drilling axis calculation and a stack determination with the material allocation for each individual rivet position. ADT also ensures that the riveting parameters for a component are uniformly organized.

Defining rivets technologically as well

In addition, ADT provides the possibility to process data in a much higher data depth. In addition to the geometric definition, the solution also implements important technological parameters in the model and makes them available for further processing within the process chain. Layer, material, addition of sealants or pre-drilling are just a few examples. Thus ADT reduces the effort for subsequent processes and consequently optimizes the process chain. An NC programmer, for example, concentrates on his work because all the necessary process information is available from one source.

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