Automated Deburring in NX CAM

The Automated Deburring Module (ADM) takes your manufacturing quality to a whole new level.

Automated Deburring Module

With the software suite ADM you can bring your manufacturing know-how even better into your offline programming. The powerful extensions allow you to deburr even the most demanding workpieces quickly, reliably and process-safe on the computer. Time-consuming programming on the machine and extensive reworking are a thing of the past. The ADM Suite has the right tool for every requirement:

3-axis deburring operations

The fastest solution for processing on high-performance machining centers.
Capture areas to be deburred automatically,
ADM3+2 generates an optimal
manufacturing result
quickly and easily.

4-axis deburring for turn milling

ADM4, the 4-axis solution for the automated generation of deburring operations in NX CAM, is optimally tailored to your
turning/milling center. This powerful solution
is especially useful for rotationally symmetrical workpieces.

5-axis simultaneous deburring

Use the deburring application ADM5 for the automated creation of 5-axis deburring operations. The powerful ADM5 solution offers the right tools for almost any application and helps your workpieces achieve optimum quality - directly from the machine.

Convince yourself of the high quality of 5-axis simultaneous deburring


We support you in reducing the "time to market".
Reduce the processing time of your workpieces. Reduced idle times, no need for reworking, process reliability and improved quality enable you to deliver your workpieces to your customers faster and more cost-effectively.


Create deburring operations for your workpieces. With just a few clicks,
you can directly achieve
the optimum result.


To use the ADM software suite, no adjustments to your
machinery or postprocessors
are necessary.

Process reliability

Through the automated generation of deburring operations, you create reproducible results and visibly higher quality - for each individual workpiece.

Functional Comparison


Suitable for 5-axis operations
Select Tool Vector
Lead Angle
Start- and Endpoint
Milling Direction
Multiple Sets
Variable Chamfer Width
Chamfer Width
Automatic Edge Detection
Safety Distance
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Suitable for Mill-Turn Operations
Select Tool Vector
Lead Angle
Start- and Endpoint
Milling Direction
Multiple Sets
Variable Chamfer Width
Chamfer Width
Automatic Edge Detection
Safety Distance
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ADM 3+2

Suitable for 3-Axis Operations
Select Tool Vector
Lead Angle
Start- and Endpoint
Milling Direction
Multiple Sets
Variable Chamfer Width
Chamfer Width
Automatic Edge Detection
Safety Distance
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The challenge

The formation of burrs in the machining manufacturing process represents a challenge for many pavers. The necessary deburring is time-consuming, requires a lot of manpower and costs, and at the same time reduces production productivity. Compliance with specified manufacturing tolerances and the special demands placed on fitting and sealing surfaces also pose a particular challenge to employees in the planning and execution of production processes.

Time and cost savings

A mechanical removal of the burrs still on the production machine offers the possibility to produce a high-quality product in a cost-saving way and at the same time to reduce the post-processing effort. Until now, the required production programs had to be created manually, which is a high cost factor, especially for small batch sizes. The necessity to generate machine programs for automated production poses further challenges with regard to the strategy and flexibility in use optimized for the respective tool. Last but not least, it is important to minimize the personnel requirements in NC programming as well as the individual training requirements of individual employees.


The flexible software solution can be used for all deburring processes. The advantages of the solution are particularly effective with small batch sizes, as the program generation is automated and the effort is minimized, which guarantees improved profitability. The intuitive and simple operation makes a quick introduction to production profitable.

Due to the intensive cooperation with our customers we are constantly working on sustainable improvements in the interest of the users. The continuous further development guarantees a constantly optimal strategy and handling.

The Strategy

Automatic component deburring builds on the edges of the workpiece existing in the CAD model. Complex geometric operations are used to create a special motion contour, taking the tool geometry into account, which serves as the basis for generating an NX-CAM operation. All known features of the NX-CAM environment are available to the user.

Of course, all necessary parameters such as cutting depths, feeds, synchronous or reverse run can be selected to optimize the result.

A transition to mechanical production is possible without further effort if the existing, customer-specific postprocessors are used.

Customer benefit

  • Automatic elimination of errors
  • Cost and time savings
  • Reduction of post-processing
  • Increase in production quality
  • Profitability even with small batch sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our ADM software suite.

Is an adaptation to existing postprocessors necessary to use the ADM software suite or one of your components?


An adjustment is not necessary. The ADM software suite works with your existing post processors.

Can the ADM software suite also deburr edges on which no chamfer was provided by the design?


The ADM software suite is especially designed to break edges where no chamfer has been provided.

Must a special tool be used or purchased for deburring?


The ADM software suite is designed to work with any ball shank or milling cutter available on your machine.

Will the ADM software suite also work with a future NX version?

The ADM software suite is constantly evolving to keep pace with the progress of the NX system. Within the scope of software maintenance, the most suitable ADM versions are provided.

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