Efficient plant planning with customized software design

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Efficient plant planning with customized software design

With the customized software designed for Claudius Peters, SWMS provides a consistent, uniform platform and database for the entire design process in plant construction. It covers all steps from project design, calculation and recalculation to the output of flowcharts and documentation.


The Claudius Peters Group can look back on over 100 years of company history in the cement industry. As part of the group, Claudius Peters Projects GmbH with over 600 employees worldwide manufactures mixing plants, grinding and calcining plants, clinker coolers, silos and conveyor systems. Their range of services extends from plant planning to commissioning and after-sales service. Exact and accurate planning of the individual plants forms the decisive basis for reliable operation at the customer's site. Already in the proposal phase, up to 60 plants per month had to be designed, using various calculation tools with corresponding media breaks.

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Today, Claudius Peters relies on integrated and modular design software that SWMS has developed from scratch. It supports the design of gypsum calcining plants, pneumatic conveyor technology and clinker coolers. Based on a series of project-specific data such as installation altitude, ambient temperature and gypsum composition, the solution calculates various data, including air, material values, combustion and dew point. A small amount of input data can then be used to determine the parameters for selecting the mill and cooler and to transfer the appropriate models to the system. The same principle is followed for other system components.


Plant planning is much simpler than in the past because the software offers a uniform, consistent user interface that can be supplemented with any number of individual comments. Thanks to the comprehensive documentation and versioning, the individual projects have become comprehensible in detail. The effort required for changes has decreased noticeably, also in order to change calculations or limit values, for example. The simpler calculations open up more possibilities for optimizing plants. In addition, their safety and reliability have been further improved, as has the certainty of calculation in the preparation of quotations.

"We have focused our attention on merging a wide variety of calculation modules into a user-friendly and integrated software solution for plant planning. Claudius Peters now calculates plants faster and more reliably," says Carsten Noack, Project Manager SWMS.

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