Automated generation of deburring operations

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Automated generation of deburring operations

The software ADM brings manufacturing know-how better into offline programming. The powerful enhancements integrate deburring operations into production planning. Time-consuming programming on the machine and extensive reworking are a thing of the past.


When it comes to deburring components, many manufacturers immediately think of such keywords as "time consuming", "personnel costs" and "financial costs". Automatic deburring is the first step towards consistent production quality and a reduction in personnel costs. Particularly with small batch sizes, the necessary NC programming however opens up further challenges, the automation of which holds savings potential. Optimum NX integration, intuitive operation and support for 5-axis and 3-axis machines are essential prerequisites for market acceptance. 

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The automatic component deburring is based on the edges of the workpiece existing in the CAD model. Complex geometric operations are used to create a special motion contour, taking the tool geometry into account, which serves as the basis for generating an NX-CAM operation. All known features of the NX-CAM environment are available to the user. Of course, all necessary parameters such as cutting depths, feeds or synchronous or reverse run can be selected to optimize the result. A transition to machine manufacturing is possible without further effort if the existing, customer-specific postprocessors are used.


With the ADM software suite, SWMS offers a fully integrated solution for automating all types of deburring through 5-axis and 3-axis machining. The advantages of the solution are particularly effective for small batch sizes. Automating the program generation minimizes personnel costs and leads to a lower error rate. The complete integration in NX, in combination with high-performance algorithms, leads to significant time savings. The intuitive and simple operation makes a quick introduction to production profitable. The continuous further development guarantees a constantly optimal strategy and handling. 

Deburring in NX CAM - The Automated Deburring Module raises your manufacturing quality to a completely new level. Test our solution yourself for 30 days without obligation:

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 Seco Tools GmbH, LEUCO Ledermann GmbH & Co. KG

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