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With the last article about post-processing, we reached the end of the first segment of this series about #AFP and #CFRP. We introduced to you the very basics of the CFRP manufacturing components – what carbon fiber reinforced plastics are, how a layup tool works, and what benefits and restrictions their design has on laminates. We have furthermore given insight into different optimization methods and how a laminate is evaluated based on its material usage, manufacturing duration, and total cost. We also showed you how CAM software visualizes layup paths and simulates the machine during the layup process. Post-processing is the last step needed to transfer the laminate program to the machine.

The next segment in this series will cover the research project “OptiTape” and showcase its results. Afterward, we will dive deep into details about complex laminates: orientation in 3D, coverage strategies, and analyses of steering, bridging, and gaps. These phenomena are rarely an issue in simple, flat laminates but become very important (and complicated) in curved layup surfaces. We will shift from these relatively simple examples to complex laminates and how to solve challenges that appear when trying to program and manufacture them.

You can find a list of all articles on the CAESA homepage.

Until then, as always: stay safe and stay tuned.

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