We provide a competetive advantage

You know your Business and know where the potentials are. You have ideas to uplift and secure your Company’s long-term success.

We have the Tools to implement your ideas. You want to track the complete LifeCycle of your product? We have the necessary Know-how. You want to make predictions from the data acquired? We develop your prognosis.

The Cloud enables location-independency, reduces capital commitment and the IT-related effort. It grows unlimitedly with your requirements.

German data sovereignty provides legal certainty, any scalability ensures availability and cost Control, your IT Administration is relieved.

Corporate conventions intend to keep sensitive data physically in the Company? Certainly, hybrid Solutions can be realized. For example, Software from the Cloud, data storage on your own servers or completely local storage. The choice is all yours.

Case Study

Online Bike Maintenance

Download the maintenance Software via the Online-Portal

Provision of sensor data

Recording critical events

Provision of Software updates

Focus: Core business

Independent of operational hardware

No effort through local installation

Relief of internal IT adminitration

Availability: Everywhere

Access through mobile devices

At any place – presentable at all times

Cost structure: Slim

Reduced initial costs

Demand-oriented operating costs

Lower entrepreneurial risk

Path To Digitalisation

Tradition and modernity are not contradictory

Many companies use organically grown proprietary Solutions. They can be adapted to the growing requirements, without having to give up the usual “Look & Feel”.

Digitally! But how?

Small and medium-sized Enterprises often lack the capacity to deal with the potential of digitalisation in their field. Our workshops support you in identifying the potential and sketching a concrete implementation.

But i still have questions

Is the Cloud not insecure?

What About the privacy?

Probably, you have read a lot about it.

If not, please contact us for further and supplementary Information.


Security risk

Corporate data is exposed to a much higher risk of unauthorized access or data loss on ist own servers than in the Cloud!

About Us

SWMS Systemtechnik Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is a consulting and technology company in the field of software conception and development, and virtual product development. Since 1996, SWMS has been helping companies to design complex business and engineering processes more professionally, more efficiently and in a manner that conserves more resources.

SWMS provides solutions that optimize business processes. Customers benefit from SWMS’ specific strengths in particular: profound engineering know-how combined with expert knowledge and experience in the optimization of business processes.

Highly motivated engineers from various disciplines use their experience, application expertise and their interdisciplinary methodological knowledge on a daily basis in order to realize creative solutions that provide the customer with a decisive competitive edge. The automation of recurring workflows and specially tailored solutions ensures significant progress in productivity and profitability. The objective of SWMS is to create flexible projects which, in addition to stability and correctness, are also of high quality, and which thus meet the customers’ needs.

Please Contact Us

Do you have Questions about digitalisation or how to implement your digital Transformation? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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